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5 reasons why everybody should own a white jacket

Each of us knows this situation: The outfit is chosen, everything fits perfectly, and the makeup is also well done – but now you have to quickly find a jacket that suits your look. And then the search starts. With the common conclusion: I have nothing to wear!

Often times I put on my clothes and I think to myself this outfit is alright; all it needs is a little „something“! And more often times than not it is a white jacket which I choose then. I just don’t say that about black or denim jackets as much as they do add to their look. But a white jacket gives the extra edge we seek in a look. It’s that „I’m pretty chic“ factor that we all more or less like to feel.

White jackets come in many different styles. I’m sure you’ve seen a plethora of white jackets on Instagram and other blogs. So why is it such a popular item?

1. White jackets are timeless classic

Unlike jackets with patterns or in trendy colors, white jackets will not go out of style and you can wear them over many years. A worthwile investment. Out of all the jackets I have in my closet, I find myself very often choosing one of my white jackets to style my outfits with. And some of them I bought already some years ago. They are a classic staple and you need one!

2. White jackets go with everything

White jackets are effortless and will always make your outfits look well put together while looking super stylish and chic. You can wear them with just about anything from jeans and a t-shirt to an office look to your cutest fall dresses. I love a good white jacket because it is a neutral statement. No matter if your style is edgy, feminine, romantic, sporty or something else, a white jacket goes great with all shades and hues!

3. White jackets go at any time

You can wear a white jacket anywear at any time (OK, as I live in the Western sphere, I would not necessarily wear one on a funeral). They aren’t strictly a seasonal piece either and, combined with darker colors, you can even wear them in winter. Just imagine wearing black trousers and turtleneck topped with a white jacket for the extra touch!

4. White jackets fit everyone

Also white jackets come in many different styles. No matter what body type you are, you will always find in the shops a wide selection of white jackets that emphasize your merits. And unlike many other colors (yes, I know, white is not really a „color“ in the proper sense), white goes well with all skin and hair colors. If you are a very light skin type, then I recommend to just grab a jacket in the slightly milder off-white or creamy white tones.

5. White jackets are a worthy investment

Because white jackets go at any time and with everything, they can be used often and in a variety of ways. That’s why in this case it even pays off to spend a bit more on a jacket of particularly good quality.
And who knows, maybe you even like to invest in a real designer piece here?!

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