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Did you know that kissing burns calories? – 10 exciting facts about kissing that you probably did not know!

Butterflies in the stomach, the feeling of warmth, closeness and really being loved – for most people, kissing is one of the most beautiful trivialities in the world. And also one of the most intense body contacts that man knows. A passionate kiss makes us forget everything around us and and our knees become soft. But kissing is not only good for heart, mind and soul, it also brings numerous health benefits.

Here are 10 exciting facts about kissing that you probably did not know:

1. Head right or left?


Around 75% of people turn their heads to the right when kissing, which might be because many are either right-handed by nature or have been raised to right-handers.

2. Eyes open or closed?


Most people close their eyes when kissing. And not because of romance, but because we can not concentrate on our sense of touch and sight simultaneously, as researchers from the Royal Holloway University in England found out. So kissing with our eyes open diminishes our sense of feeling.

3. The longest kiss in the world


From February 12 to 14, 2013, a couple set a world record in Thailand. The world’s longest kiss was held for 58 hours, 35 minutes and 58 seconds, during which Ekkachai and Laksana Tiranarat kept in touch with their lips to each other in Pattaya.

4. Kissing makes you beautiful


Up to 30 muscles are activated in the face and neck when kissing, so that wrinkles get counteracted. In addition, the facial skin is perfused more intensively. This refreshes and tones – which makes you look younger immediately.

5. Kissing promotes the immune system


Kisses are like a kind of vaccination. Intensive kisses of the tongue will transmit around 80 million bacteria, as the dutch microbiologist Remco Kort discovered. This activates the immune system and promotes the formation of defenses and antibodies. And in addition, antimicrobial enzymes in the saliva to protect teeth from decay and periodontal disease.
But attention: even harmful bacteria and viruses can be transmitted in this way!

6. Kissing helps reduce stress


When kissing, neurotransmitters (“happiness hormones”) are increasingly formed in the brain. Also known as serotonin or dopamine, they determine significantly the communication of the gray cells with each other and play a special role in the regulation of the state of mind. In addition, kissing slows down the development of glucocorticoids, the stress hormones.

7. Good for heart and lungs


Kissing puts the cardiovascular system in positive stress. Up to 150 beats per minute strengthen the heart muscle and thus improve the pumping power. As we breathe more intensively while kissing – instead of 20 we make about 60 breaths per minute – the lungs are also trained and the oxygen supply is improved.

8. How much does one kiss in a lifetime?


In a lifetime of 70 years, a human kisses about 100,000 times. May ist the month when peple kiss most. The official day of the kiss is the 6th of July.

9. Kissing burns calories


A single tongue kiss burns 12 calories. To burn as many calories as jogging at 100 meters, you have to kiss much more passionately. This stimulates circulation and metabolism. At least 10 minutes must be kissed to reach this goal.

10. Kissing prohibited


What is self-evident in some countries could bring you into jail elsewhere. Because not everywhere kissing is allowed in public, or only under certain conditions. Especially in Islamic countries, lovers should better refrain from kissing in public. An official kiss ban prevails, for example, in Indonesia, India, Dubai, Malaysia and Russia. In France you are not allowed to kiss on railroad crossings. In the US kissing is forbidden on trains in Wisconsin. In Michigan you are not allowed to kiss your wife on Sundays, and in Eureka, Nevada, there is even a ban on kissing men with moustache.

Do you still remember your first kiss? Did you like it? You can share your experience in the comments below.

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