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How to style a long leopard print skirt – 1 item, 3 looks

Do you know that, too? We spend a lot of our lives standing rooted in front of our closet because we do not know what to wear. The wardrobe is full to bursting! All you have to do is re-combine your stuff. In my series “How to style – 1 item, 3 looks”, I would like to give you new suggestions on how to recombine the things that are already in your closet. – New looks, without spending a penny on new clothes!

This post is all about the long leopard print skirt. I will show you how to style it rather chic, as well as in a casual look and also with a touch of Boho style. The leopard print skirt, I wear in this post, I bought for only afew Euros at the flea market. And I assure you, you already own in your wardrobe most of the parts, that you need to restyle my looks . So here we go!

Long leopard print skirt – the chic look

To make the long leopard print skirt look chic, you need to combine it with rather basic and simple pieces of your wardrobe. I styled it with a white blouse without sleeves. But if it is not that warm where you live, or if it is maybe winter, you can also style it with a white blouse with long sleeves or a simple white turtle neck. Combining your skirt with white only, makes the leopard print shine and yet look sophisticated. The blouse I chose from my wardrobe is with little ruffles at the armholes and a black tie. But that is not a must for this look, it is only what I have in my personal wardrobe.

For a shoe I opted for a simple white boot with a pointed toe and a mid-height heel. (Or would you call it an ankle boot already?) Just make sure that you chose a shoe that is simple in style and in color. This too, calms the look and helps to make a leopard print piece of clothing look chic. Perfect, if your shoe has a mid-height heel.

To make the clean lepard look complete, I opted for a plain white bag. This one is made of softer material and looks almost casual in comparison to bags, that are made of stronger material. Thus, the entire look does not look too stiff despite its purity, but rather modern.

If you want to wear this look to the office, you can combine it with a tighter bag and complete it with a white blazer.

The casually styled long leopard print skirt

A denim jacket is always a good idea to give a casual look to an outfit. I opted for a white one, as I love white denim. Anyway, you can never go wrong with a white jacket, so everyone should have one in their closet. If you don’t own a white denim jacket, a blue one will also do.

To keep the whole outfit calm and simple (as I’d recommend for any look with a leopard print piece in it), I added a black tank top. A black T-Shirt will also do, if that’s what you prefer / have in your wardrobe.

The easiest way to give any outfit a casual twist is to opt for a white sneaker for a shoe. Although I own a lot of sneakers, I must admit that I do not have a single white sneaker in my wardrobe. As an alternative, I opted for one with silver glitter.

And, to make it perfect, I found a silver basket among my dozens of bags, that matches perfect with those silver sneakers. Together, they give the outfit a casual and sporty look, which you can easily wear on a daily basis, when you go shopping or bring the children to school.

The long leopard skirt with a touch of Boho style

The typical accessory, which everyone immediately thinks of, when it comes to boho, is probably a hat. Mine is a classic black Fedora. I have Fedoras in every color in my wardrobe. Ok, in all neutral colors, like white, beige, brown, and just black. The Fedora is a soft felt hat that folds down along the crown and is pinched on both sides at the front. The Fedora gives every outfit an extra dose of coolness, that’s why it is so popular when it comes to giving an outfit that certain something.

To keep the look simple, again, I opted for a black top (the same one I already chose for the casual style). If you think that this is too cold, you can also wear a turtle neck with long or short sleeves. If you want to complete the look with a jacket, I recommend to choose a black leather (or fake leather, if you like that better) jacket.

To pick up the black of the Fedora and the leopard pattern, I paired the look with a casual black bag and black booties. If you can walk well on them and have them in your closet, then opt for booties with high heels. This looks both sexier and much cooler. To give the look an even stronger Boho twist, you can also take a black bag with fringes.

I hope I could inspire you on how to make a new outfit from what already exists in your wardrobe, and without having to spend money on something new.

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How do you like to combine your leopard print skirt? Which part of your wardrobe would you like to get styling tips for?

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