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Why I drink celery juice every morning – and how it improves my health

A veritable hype about celery juice is currently going through pretty much all social media. When I heard about it for the first time, I thought that somebody was just trying to add a topic to get attention for themselves. Which is just fine since it does not harm anyone else. But then I became curious, maybe like you now, and I took a closer look at the subject.

Coincidentially, at that time I had been suffering from a bloated stomach for a few weeks and was increasingly struggling with flatulence. And (did you experience this as well?), often things come up at the exact moment when we need them to give life a new twist. So it was with me with the celery.

So after reading some blogs and “medical information” here and there on the internet and watching several youtube videos on the subject, I was ready to try it out myself. I went to the supermarket and bought a whole bunch of celery – as, after all, you need a whole celery every day!

As I read in many reports that the celery juice tastes bitter and smells unpleasant and therefore many users have problems with drinking, I thought “Close your eyes and go for it” – or, more precisely in this case: stop breathing and just get it over with!
But to my surprise, the taste wasn’t as bad as expected. To me, the juice does not taste bitter, but rather spicy. I am curious now about what your personal sensation might be.

But this is not about taste, it’s about effect! Even on the first day in the afternoon I noticed slight changes in my body, as the inflated belly began to relax a bit. Over the next few days, the flatulence reduced to a normal level (I finally dared to meetup with other people again without concerns about an unpleasant-smelling “mishap”). And after a week, I finally had the feeling of having a flat stomach again, anyway, as far as the flatulence is concerned – the typically hint of female belly fat be ignored here.

How to prepare and enjoy your celery juice

Proper preparation and application of the juice are extremely important for you to fully enjoy the benefits of this all-rounder from the vegetable kitchen.

It is best, of course, as with all foods, if your celery comes from organic farming. If you can not afford it or organic celery is just not available, also the “ordinary” celery from the supermarket will do.

Remove any spots you don’t like, cut the celery into pieces and rinse it. You can either use it with the leaves or, if you do not like the taste, just peel them off. You need a whole celery per person per day.

Then process the celery through a juicer. You can also use a blender or smoothie maker if you do not have a juicer available.

Always prepare the celery juice fresh so that it does not lose its active ingredients. If this is not possible for you for any reason, you can keep a portion of juice in a closed container in the fridge, but not for more than 24 hours.

How to make celery juice
Step 2: Rinse the celery neatly under warm water.

To achieve the best results, it is essential that you drink your celery juice pure (no, not even with some lemon juice!) and on an empty stomach and do not eat or drink anything for about another hour (no even your favorite coffee!). That’s why I make my juice the first thing in the morning after getting up.

In some cases, drinking celery juice may trigger diarrhea at the beginning. This is an indication of your intestine being stimulated by the juice to get back to do a good job.
Usually, this settles within a few days. If it bothers you a lot, then you can start with drinking only a small amount of juice and increase it day by day.
However, most of the people I’ve talked to did not get diarrhea from celery juice.

The benefits of drinking celery juice every day

It’s time to get specific on the many benefits of celery. Please be aware that I’m not a doctor or a trained physician. So I will tell you about my own experiences and summarize the facts I researched for you.

1. Celery is a vitamin bomb

The green vegetable not only strengthens our immune system, but also supports the kidney function and even prevents diseases. Celery contains a lot of vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin B, iron and potassium.

Here is the vitamin content of 100 g celery, which I researched on the Internet:

Potassium – 323 mg
Calcium – 50 mg
Magnesium – 43 mg
Iron – 0.5 mg
Vitamin B1 – 0.04 mg
Vitamin B2 – 0.07 mg
Vitamin B6 – 0.2 mg
Vitamin C – 8 mg
Vitamin E – 0.5 mg

And, on top of it, celery juice fills up the body’s mineral deposits and supplies it with electrolytes. So no more excuses for drinking beer after a workout. 😉

2. Good for hair, nails and a beautiful skin

The potassium, calcium and iron in the celery juice provide beautiful hair and strong nails. If you drink celery juice, it has a cell protecting and regenerating effect. The skin becomes clearer and the high proportion of antioxidants in the juice to a certain extent also protects against UV radiation.

3. Lose weight with celery

Supposedly, you should consume more calories in the digestion of celery, as the green vegetables themselves provides. Celery juice has a dehydrating effect, which reduces the build-up of water in the tissue. This tightens connective tissue and reduces cellulite. In addition, celery is good against food cravings and in this way can help the weight loss process.

4. A remedy for gout, rheumatism and cancer

The high potassium content in celery has a diuretic effect and the high sodium content can help dissolve calcifications in the joints. Thus, slag, toxins and heavy metals from the body can be better eliminated through the kidneys, which can be particularly helpful as a relief for gout and rheumatism.

In addition, celery contains the yellow pigment apigenin. This can help to inhibit the spread of inflammation and the proliferation of cancer cells. Furthermore, the polysaccharides in celery reduce the production of gastric acid and can thus contribute to the protection of the digestive organs.

The Phthalid Phytochemical relaxes the smooth muscles of the blood vessels, allowing them to expand. This can lower blood pressure and protect the cardiovascular system.

5. Good against bloating

As I had already reported at the beginning, celery helps very well against bloating and flatulence. This is because it stimulates the digestion, and so the gastrointestinal tract comes back to a better balance.

Have you already tried celery juice? What are your experiences? I’m glad if you leave me your comment below!

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